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This is my reverie.

Khairil/Kidd Sakai 18 years breathing on this world. I have a thing for nature,travelling and photography. I enjoy doing meetups and meeting with new people. Surely You won't regret having me in your life ;)

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    Wednesday, June 19, 2013
    All the things I hate revolve around me

    I am tired, no, the type of tired whereby sleep could not be my remedy.
    I am searching, but searching for what? I am not lost, I am wandering.
    I'm still searching for the things I don't know, and that is what makes it real hard.
    What am I searching for?

    The love of the world at 11:52 PM.

    Sunday, June 16, 2013
    What is lost can be found, if you search hard enough.

    POUT LIKE A BOSS! Okay guys hey ho! How has it been most of you are wondering? Well life has been pretty good for me so far. I went through an IG camp and some certain outing with friends. Well I can just sum it up that life isn't perfect but I'm content with it. And hey! Have I mentioned that I started to read again? YES! READING IS GOOD! I mean I don't know why but it just feels nice to read. And yes, new books smells nice!
    Well lets start off with the IG camp! Well the camp was pretty nice, getting to know the STA students... (well 99% off them.) and I can really say that they are a really nice bunch of people, mostly rowdy and enthusiastic but what else could you expect from people who wants to join the IG right? (I shall not mention the IG name cause of reasons) and yeah, plenty of laughter and smiles over there. To summarize the whole camp, it was nice :))

    Next up I spent loads of my time with the le'quevario talking to them about life and "Catching up"... and some relationship problems... Apparently I made one of them cry, I don't know whether I was being too harsh or just that my words are too cheesy. And so he was upset and saying that " I lost something I didn't even have to begin with", "Why is love so complicated" Why Why Why Why. And all I can just forcefully say to him was. Feelings are what makes you feel(No shit sherlock) and it is that certain emotion that makes you feel that way. You have complete control over it so why stoop down to those kind of emotions right? I mean yeah bro I know how it feels about losing someone you love and etc etc....(Apparently my failed relationships came in handy after all) so yeah. Cheer up ehy bro? In all, life still goes on :D
    And its nice to have someone to talk with about these kind of topics. I mean hooray! We have someone that we can relate how we feel.

    Also! Part of the class attended Mahy's awesome dance competition and I swear he is one talented dude despite the fact that he only picked up dancing for only a year? Hehe. And oh I met a very very very old friend who I knew online for about 3 years at the competition. Fated or what? Hahaha, fate works in mysterious ways and I'm glad I met that friend. I mean there will come a time whereby you would just sit down and think through it all, and yeah....Those, Im glad that I met you and  you're in my life feeling (its nice to just sit down and talk/think about life and such, for me though).

    So yeah I'm currently at RP and I'm studying and I don't know whether this is called procrastination or distraction or whatever you can name it but yeah.... SCHOOL IS STARTING TOMORROW ERMAHGERD! Holidays ended so fast T_T

    The love of the world at 7:31 PM.

    Friday, June 7, 2013
    To discover pieces of myself

    The love of the world at 7:03 PM.

    Tuesday, June 4, 2013
    Please just remember

    And after a month of not blogging I'm here again once more.
    How is school and life doing for me? Like what I told to so many people, I'm just going with the flow ; Ups and downs.
    Well its currently the school holidays and I'm probably procrastinating with a hint of revision in between. You name it, cycling, watching movies, pool, class chalet and so on and so forth.
    Well before I forgot I had a class chalet during the late month of May. I can truthfully say that I enjoyed my time there. Though it has only been a few months, the class seems to be really bonded and I'm happy to know that maybe this is fate eh? To be placed in such a wonderful class to start off my poly life. And to be able to know people from different backgrounds, be it rich or poor, good or bad history, but in the end it is what makes up who we are. Probably the class chalet revealed who we really are deep down aside the mask we all wear in class. I've seen how people truly felt about themselves and how they really are when they're left alone with their own mind to think. I can just say that some people are not who you expect them to be..... :)
    I'm currently having mixed feelings... And I did told myself that every problem has its solution or equations and I will get frustrated if I can't solve it. I'm just frustrated that I don't know how to solve this problem. I don't know how I ended up in this situation but, yeah it was nice while it lasted ;D

    The love of the world at 6:35 PM.

    Monday, April 8, 2013
    Rendezvous the time

    And I thought I was the mental one.
    Haha, good morning fellow blog hoppers and bloggers! It's been days since I last posted something and I can assure you that despite the very little time, lots have happened.

    If I could recall I went to pulau ubin with mates for the first time. To be honest this is the furthest I've went with friends on a casual day ;D
    Nepal is an exception cause its with adults and teachers xD
    So it started out as sunny but soon after we got our bikes it started drizzling. We *Ignorantly* just cycle on and unexpectedly it stopped. Haha, so we continue to cycle uphill and if we're lucky enjoy the adrenaline rush of going downhill. Well apparently at one of the downhill moment my bike at the rear end lost traction which caused me to flung from my bike and land on the ground. Since it was downhill my arm's skin got scraped as my arm grind against the ground to stop me from rolling down. Obviously I bled profusely...lol
    but gladly my friends found me and followed me back to the shops whilst my arm was bandaged by zul's shirt ;D
    so my arm got treated and then we went uphill again to take this marvelous sight seeing picture. Hehe. I don't like to be labelled as weak or so called let the injuries get the better of me. Pain is nice in my opinion, but not too much. It just brings life to me.....rather tedious to explain but yeah we ended the day with dinner. Haha....
    And oh hey! the top picture was taken with my 1st graduating class. 4E5 2011... Hheheh, literally miss the class. Well apparently we are supposed to have a chalet by this june by I ain't sure whether its still on as well....its 4E5 hahahah, but we would find a way.... we always do ;)
    Other than that I've been going out with the boys as usual and had a friendly soccer match despite my injuries. Damn, I'm really honoured to be in a wonderful circle of friends....
    I couldn't thank you guys so much for brightening up my life.... but namely the 4E5 boys which made my life even better. Heh, ohyeah before I forgot, The Le Quev is probably planning to go our first overseas trip at KL maybe on June as well. heh, surprises here and there... but I really do hope it really does come true ;D till here then! Farewellllllll~

    The love of the world at 4:04 AM.

    Friday, March 29, 2013
    Echoes in my head

    First and foremost I would like to congratulate these 3 people who made it to RP with their successful appeal application!
    Afiqa who got New Media
    Jiayang who got electrical and electronic engineering
    Marcus who got Sports Coaching
    I'm so happy for these guys who just made the cut and got through! And for those whose appeal didn't went according to your favour,fret not as you still have the opportunity to further your studies! What is important is that you never give up and just go all out! :)

    So today's story goes like this,I apparently wasn't able to sleep and ended up waking at a very ungodly hour to 4 texts. Apparently I was supposed to meet my buddies but it seemed that I overslept. Obviously I rushed and panic as I was considered late. Fortunately when I reached Expo they only just visited a shop as most of them couldn't decide what to buy. Haha,after so,we went to the Coffee Bean &Tea Leaf to get some appetizers. I got myself the Matcha Green Tea Latte and it was oh so heavenly! We walked around for a brief hour or so and ended up heading home. Impromptu meetups that goes well always brings a smile to my face for no odd reason. Just blessed to be surrounded by nice friends. Till here then! Goodnight :))

    The love of the world at 2:20 AM.

    Thursday, March 21, 2013
    Delusions of grandeur

    The photos were taken in order. Each with its very own short story... ;D
    So we first headed out to our nature trail,me,khairy and zulkifli. We anticipated that it would be a walk in the park but no it was way far off from it. So we took out our camera equipment and trek for an estimation of 4.5km.....And then comes the 1st picture...Zulkifli randomly took a shot of me when I was trying to catch a shot of khairy walking... And so we continue walking and then we came across the ranger station which has an office,hut,toilets and some water coolers and thats when zulkifli realized that our clothes have colour tones. Khairy was wearing black,I was wearing grey and zulkifli was wearing white,so he decided to take a photo before continuing another 2km walk up the hill ;D..
    So after so we finally came across the bridge and damn it was a sight to behold.Not only that the breeze and view was spectacular as well,and then an idea hit me....Since I love looking things at a different angle I attempted to put my Dslr on a tripod and then raise it up high to take the pictures below. Damn it was a good idea,I took the pictures of others first before asking Zulkifli to take mine ;D and so you can also see how high I raise up my tripod just to get a snap like so ;D
    And oh hey,zulkifli also managed to take a random shot of me and khairy using the rule of the thirds by accident and it looked spectacular in my point of view! Nice composition and it looks so natural! ;D
    So after we exit from the treetop we came across numerous flights of stairs which is 1.5km long. I could roughly say that I wished our legs are made of spring,it was tiring indeed! Going downhill with stairs and slopes! But we decided to still take a photo xD And after another grueling 4km walk we finally reach the next hut and guess what? We took off our clothes and enjoyed the breeze. Oh my gosh it was so cooling!
    Other then that we ate our snacks before departing another 6km route out of the trail. After managing to get out we all cheered. CAUSE OUR LEGS STARTED TO ACHE SO BAD! Haha but nonetheless it was a nice experience going and doing new stuffs. So yeah,from there we took a bus to clementi and disperse from there and here I am typing....With everything said and done I shall sleep now. Goodnight :))

    The love of the world at 1:49 AM.